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Permission to Record Participation at Virtual World Fantasy Convention 2020


Virtual World Fantasy Convention 2020 (referred to herein by the legal name of WFC SLC 2020) will record panel discussions and readings broadcast during the 2020 convention. The sole purpose for these recordings is to allow registered, authenticated members of the convention to access convention content at a time convenient to them, up to one month after the end of the convention.


The following conditions apply:


1) The copyright and all other intellectual property rights remains with the program participants and/or current copyright holders. WFC SLC 2020 is only the “broadcaster” for these materials and asserts no ownership. However, WFC SLC 2020 does assert non-exclusive rights to the opening ceremony and the concluding World Fantasy Award Ceremony.


2) WFC SLC 2020 only records, streams, and posts recordings with permission of program participants.


3) In no instance will WFC SLC 2020 assert any rights to any copyrighted material read or quoted by program participants. Such copyrights are exclusively acknowledged to be owned by the current copyright owners. By reading or quoting copyrighted materials, the participant acknowledges that WFC SLC 2020 is to be held harmless in any copyright claims.


4) Recordings will be used for time shifting purposes, to allow WFC SLC 2020 members the ability to view program items in times convenient to them.


5) Recordings will be available via the Virtual World Fantasy Convention 2020 online app. Recordings are stored on Zoom servers under WFC SLC 2020’s control and will be available for viewing by authenticated participating members until December 2, 2020 at midnight Mountain Standard Time.


6) We endeavor to prevent casual piracy of these recordings. We will use all the security tools offered by our platforms, to the degree possible, to prevent unauthorized distribution and duplication of recordings.


7) Though we assert the intent of condition #6, WFC SLC 2020 acknowledges the possibility that some unscrupulous persons may circumvent the security measures exercised by WFC SLC 2020 and Zoom, and make recordings available publicly. If notified of such unauthorized use of recordings, WFC SLC 2020 will take measures to halt such unauthorized usage, to the extent of their ability to do so.


8)  Recorded footage will not otherwise be monetized by either WFC SLC 2020, its parent organization, or any other organization in partnership with WFC SLC 2020.

9) After the conclusion of the convention, WFC SLC 2020 may produce a brief video using short clips of recordings and/or screen shots in order to highlight and memorialize the first Virtual World Fantasy Convention. This highlight video may be made available publicly through the World Fantasy Convention website and social media. 

10) With the possible exception of #9, WFC SLC 2020 warrants that all recordings will be used exclusively for streaming to members only.


11) Program Participants agree that their appearance in the footage recorded and broadcast by WFC SLC 2020 will not, to the best of their knowledge, infringe upon the rights of any third party.

12) WFC SLC 2020 warrants that the final recordings will only be available to members via our official website for the specified time frame, or WFC SLC 2020’s streaming Channel (e.g. YouTube) until December 2, 2020 with the possible exception of the highlight video mentioned in #9.

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