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Who isn't Cat Rambo?

An air of mystery, a splash of glitter, and a flood of an impressive resume: this self-proclaimed "peacock haired cat" delighted us with stories, and a wealth of writer's panache. Instinctively, instead of asking 'who is Cat Rambo,' rather, 'who isn't,' seems more appropriate, considering the disappearing creative limits for the guest we have the pleasure of introducing to you today.

Cat Rambo lives, writes, and teaches somewhere in the Pacific Northwest. Her 200+ fiction publications include stories in Asimov’s, Clarkesworld Magazine, and The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Her most recent works are Nebula Award winner Carpe Glitter (Meerkat Press) and on-going serial novella Baby Driver. Forthcoming are fantasy novel Exiles of Tabat (Wordfire Press, fall 2020), space opera You Sexy Thing (Tor Macmillan, 2021) and the conclusion to the Tabat Quartet, Gods of Tabat (Wordfire Press, 2021). If that resume, didn't blow you away, all you need to do is read it once more! 200+ stunning publications and counting!

WFC2020: A warm welcome to the WFC blogosphere, Cat! We have to say, while it may not be your first time traipsing the elements of the WFC, you certainly set a great first impression with us here for WFC2020! Have you noticed your stellar first impressions making a difference in this line of work?

My first novel, Beasts of Tabat, was sold to Peter Wacks at Wordfire Press when I ran into him at MileHighCon in Colorado and pitched him in one of those classic “networking in the hallway” moments. He liked the idea of “Les Miserables goes to Narnia and fights their Winter Queen’ as a pitch and bought the book a couple of months later.

WFC2020: You're kidding? That's amazing! We'd love to see that pitch magic in action once more: which of your books would you recommend to new readers who want a taste of that fabulous first impression?

If they like short stories, I would recommend Neither Here Nor There, a collection of fantasy, or if they like novels, I’d point them towards the novel I have coming out next year, which is a space opera. In it, a band of retired soldiers who have established a restaurant aboard a space station have a chance at a major award when a food critic travels through. But before they know it, a mysterious package has arrived, things have started exploding, and they’ve stolen an intelligent spaceship and are off on adventure.

WFC2020: We have to agree; nothing thrills quite like a few explosions in a classic space journey! Any explosively favorite moments you've had while attending a WFC?

Listening to Charles and MaryAnn DeLint play music at a World Fantasy in San Antonio.

WFC2020: Well chosen! We'd definitely send any readers missing out on that particular year of WFC towards an internet search of the DeLint's music. Fabulous stuff! Combining music and fantasy is certainly one of our favorite blends! What is one of your favorite "surprising combinations?"

Carpe Glitter, which just won a Nebula Award for best novelette, came about with the title, which sprang into my head when I was playing word games. Throw in thoughts about dieselpunk and having had to deal with the effects of a hoarder relative along with my own family dynamics, and the book emerged.

WFC2020: Yes! That title definitely caught our attention as eye grabbing -- or glittery, if you will. We loved it! In fact, some ideas seem to get stuck like glitter in the brain -- what's your current idea glitter -- meaning, of course, what are you working on now?

The sequel to my space opera, currently tentatively titled Devil’s Gun. I have a ten book arc planned out and I’m really looking forward to the adventures yet to come!

WFC2020: We can't wait! If our readers are having the same trouble and can't wait before diving in, where can we find you on the Internet?

You can find me at my website or running my online school for F&SF writers ( Or follow me on most social media as @catrambo

WFC2020: Liked and followed! Thank you again for joining us, Cat, as we countdown to another incredible World Fantasy Convention!

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