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For Honor! And Art!

It's October! Time for another giveaway! And our Artist Guest of Honor David Cherry has given us a lot to be excited for. He has generously signed sets of trading cards and a gorgeous book full of his art!

To be entered into the drawing for one of these prizes, we give you two challenges (you need only pick one):

1) Go to David Cherry's fantasy art gallery and tell us which of his pieces is your favorite (I could only narrow it down to three!) by commenting below.


2) Recreate one of his pieces of art in your own home, take a photo, and attach it below in a comment. You can also leave a comment with a link to your photo on social media.

So, of these two challenges, guess what we did?

Our wonderful Melissa Rowley presents, in honor of "The Healer," her own recreation entitled "Healer Might Have Made a Mistake on the Potion She Just Offered You...":

I received this phenomenal collage and decided to give the rest of us a chance by lowering the bar. My husband, siblings, and I present, in honor of David Cherry's painting "Ra," our own recreation entitled "rAaAaAAaa!"

(Yeah, that's a practice katana with a pumpkin.)

And for you artists out there, it's not too late to enter our juried Art Show! We are so excited to honor other fantasy artists attending WFC. Visit our Art Show web page for more information.

So have at it! The bar is set and the prizes are glorious!

- WFC2020

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