2022 World Fantasy Convention Committee

The 2022 World Fantasy Convention is hosted by Louisiana Association for Literacy and the Fantastic. 


 Chair: Tom Hanlon

Vice-Chair and Professor of Transfiguration: Ginny Smith

Advisory Board: Bruce Farr, William Lawhorn, Mike Wilmoth, Pablo Vazquez

Art Show: Scott Zrubek

Banquet: Diane Lacey

Con Office: Robert Taylor

Dealers' Room: Marcia Illingsworth (dept head), Tom Illingsworth

Dock Master: Chris Marble

Guest Relations: Diane Lacey 

Hotel Liaison: Ann Marie Rudolph

Logistics: Chuck Siros

Operations: Unity Rains

Pandemic Risk Advisor: Dr. Sarah Buxbaum

Programming: Jannie Shea

Publisher Relations: Angela Jones

Staff Recruiter: Debi Chowdhury

At-con Registration: Bill and June Vernon

Social Media: Marah Searle-Kovaceic, Karen Fishwick

Souvenir Book: Patrick Swenson 

Treasurer and Supreme Mugwump: Ken Garrison


Assistant Treasurer: Jerri Hall

Virtual Con Coordinator: Angela Wilson


Website: Lauren Abbott, Jeremiah McCoy

Website Advisor: Catelynn Cunningham

Committee Members: Bryan Jones, Jennifer Juday, Frank Schiavo, Kristen Schmidt, Alex Von Thorn 

WFC 2022 would like to express our deep appreciation to Matt Leger, the artist who created our logo. 

Interested in helping us host World Fantasy Convention in 2022? There's room for your name on this list! Email Tom to talk about your role.