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Book Donations & Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship Opportunities

The World Fantasy Convention (WFC) has been held since 1975 as an annual gathering and reunion of professionals, collectors, and others interested in the field of light and dark fantasy art and literature. The four-day convention includes comprehensive programming geared toward professionals and enthusiasts in the genre and also offers a high-quality art show and a dealers’ room. The culminating event is the World Fantasy Award ceremony and banquet, where the coveted award is bestowed on the previous year’s best fantasy literature and on individuals whose work has helped to define and shape the genre. Find more info at


1 – Gain new international audiences for your products, programs, or organization

2 – Reach a highly informed and engaged audience of book lovers

3 – Engage with our estimated 1,000 members from around the world

4 – Participate in an exciting, highly anticipated celebration of fantasy art and fiction

5–  Support a thriving literary community of fantasy professionals




At World Fantasy Convention every attending member receives a bag filled with fantasy books and magazines donated by publishers and authors. These books will be read, discussed, tweeted about, posted about, reviewed, and enjoyed by some of the most enthusiastic fantasy readers anywhere. And remember - WFC 2022 members are eligible to submit a nomination ballot for the 2023 World Fantasy Awards. Donating books to the convention is a great way to get your title in front of our members.

Any number of items are appreciated. You can send one title or many. Please send them to:

World Fantasy Convention 2022

c/o Fountainbleu Self Storage

4040 Tulane Ave, Unit 1015

New Orleans, LA 70119 USA

If you don't mind, send an email to and let us know how the books are being shipped. If you have a tracking number, that would be very helpful too.

For more information, contact us Publisher Relations . 



We do plan to offer a Virtual Book Bag, with eBooks downloadable by all WFC 2022 members. If you'd like to donate fantasy or horror eBooks, please send the following:

  • A book cover (JPEG or PNG preferred)

  • The title

  • The author’s name

  • A one- or two-sentence teaser description of the book

  • The contents of the book in one or more of the following formats: MOBI, ePUB, PDF

Send those files as email attachments to If you want to compress them into a single folder, that's fine too!


World Fantasy Convention is the place for professionals in the fantasy and horror genre to gather with their peers, to meet with their editors and agents, to exchange ideas, and to promote their books or artwork to an appreciative audience. But conventions are expensive, and not always financially feasible for individuals. Sponsorships can make it possible. If you're interested in sponsoring an individual (or several!) to attend this year's World Fantasy Convention, contact us via email for more information.


Sponsorship funds of all amounts are appreciated! Donations not earmarked will go toward the costs of running this year's convention, including:

  • Technology purchase and development

  • Communication needs

  • Printing and shipping materials

  • Administrative costs (ex: website hosting, financial fees, guest expenses, etc.)

*To designate a donation for a specific purpose, contact the treasurer

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